2020 was a year of incredible change that impacted all of our lifestyles and routines, including the way in which we drink coffee. The pandemic put a temporary stop to grabbing a cup of coffee on your way into work or meeting friends to catch up over your favorite hot brew. But Covid-19 hasn’t changed the love affair that exists between humans and coffee. If anything, it has probably enhanced it. From the viral trend of drinking Dalgona coffee to using your coffee machine in time for your early morning Zoom call, our favorite beverage is still a staple we rely on to get us through the day. 

But as we emerge from the third lockdown and with the vaccine program in full swing, what can coffee Chorlton customers expect from the coffee industry in 2021? Check out the following hot trends. 

Turmeric Coffee 

Does it feel like coffee keeps your engine running? By adding a simple cooking ingredient to your cup, you can enjoy a powerful antioxidant in your drink too. Turmeric is a spice which is also known as the Golden Root and packs a healthy punch. Wondering why you should add it to your coffee? 

Along with being an essential ingredient for your curries and other spicy dishes, turmeric is versatile and can be added to smoothies, soups, and now coffee too. Even though it’s packed full of anti-inflammatory benefits and can also promote weight loss, you don’t need to worry about turmeric overpowering your coffee. 

Instead, it’s quite a mild flavor that is comparable with cinnamon or cardamom. Baristas combine this spice with orange peel or different types of milk including coconut to produce a tasty and nutritious cup of coffee. If you haven’t tried it yet, then now’s the time! 

Dalgona Coffee 

Just on the off-chance that you’re a bit late to the party, let’s talk about Dalgona coffee. If you happened to glance at social media during the first lockdown, then you’ll no doubt have seen pics of beautiful white and tan cups of coffee being created by coffee lovers across the globe. 

This quarantine classic is named after a South Korean candy and is created by whipping sugar, instant coffee, and boiling water together, then spooning the mixture over iced milk. Google reported that searches for Dalgona coffee increased by 1800% in March 2020 and a further 1700% the following month. Even though this one has been around for a while now, its popularity shows no signs of fading during 2021. 

In fact, specialty coffee drinks are an increasing trend this year with more flavours and variety being added to menus. Whether you’re looking for iced coffee or a more classic taste, you can be sure to find a wide range of beverages on offer from your preferred coffee Chorlton venue. 

Eco-Conscious Coffee 

Ethical consumerism becomes more important with each passing year as customers want to gain more knowledge and understanding about the goods they’re purchasing. Coffee brands that are transparent about their supply and production lines are popular with consumers who truly care about issues such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

Questions asked of coffee brands are focused on the origins of the bean itself, in terms of how it is grown and harvested. Coffee consumers will also want to know that the growers have received a fair price for their products and that the process has been entirely ethical from end to end. 

Along with the source of the coffee, another environmental concern is the packaging that is involved in its sale and distribution. Due to widespread environmental campaigns to eliminate the use of plastic, brands are under pressure to choose recyclable and sustainable packaging which moves away from being wasteful. 

Ready to Drink Coffee 

In our fast-paced lives, many coffee drinkers just want to grab and go. This is exactly where the RTD or ready-to-drink coffees come in. Whether in a can or a bottle, these coffees are easy for vendors to keep in their existing fridges. As an alternative to unhealthy fizzy drinks loaded with sugar, low-cal RTD coffee is popular with younger customers who are looking for a functional energy boost without the negative impact on their health. 

Plant-based drinks 

Whether consumers are turning plant-based for health or ethical reasons, this is a trend that isn’t going away. Record numbers of people signed up for Veganuary this year and chain restaurant Wagamama has committed to making 50% of its menu meat-free by the end of 2021. 

For the coffee industry, baristas are opening up their menus for non-dairy customers to include a wide variety of plant-based milks such as oat, almond, hazelnut, rice, or coconut. Dairy alternatives such as these are expected to create a global demand worth over $25.5bn by 2028. 

Even for those customers who are not yet ready to become fully vegan, plant-based coffee offers a way to dabble with the lifestyle before fully dedicating to the cause. 

Support Local Coffee Shops 

Perhaps one of the few positives to come out of the pandemic is the drive to support small local businesses, including coffee shops. The struggle of SMEs to stay afloat during the three national lockdowns has prompted many consumers to switch their allegiance from large chains and corporations to support local establishments instead. Coffee shops in Chorlton are a vital part of the makeup of the high street and create a real social hub across the community. Going forward, as the boredom of remote working sets in, we can expect customers to return to the coffee shops with their laptops and tablets in hand ready to complete their work in a more sociable environment. Booking a coffee shop desk for work will become the norm for some whilst others will embrace the opportunity to take a morning stroll to grab a fresh cup of brew to go once again. 

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